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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  July 12, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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we're going to keep the chance of an isolated storm in. low temperatures in the 70s. good news is, the winds will be breezy. now we'll come back and talk about a cold front and let you know if it lives up to its meaning. >> all right, topper has been telling us and as you probably sense by walking outdoors that temperatures soared today. when you factor in the heat index, it feels like over 100 degrees in parts of the dc area. andrea volunteered and we sent her for the hot weather duty today. hi andrea. >> reporter: by now our viewers know you either get in the shade or get in air- conditioning or drink more water. today we used a unique type of crowd sourcing. you know on the internet that's a term used to describe work done by a group of people online, but here on the mall, it's real time and real time. >> i grew up in the washington area and it's always been hot
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here. i'm from south carolina, it's not hot. >> we're from england and we think this hot weather is a little too hot for us. >> under the midday sun, the temperature on the national mall registered 105 degrees. >> when i was growing up, all we could do was put the windows up, put the fan on and basically sleep in our underwear. >> even 9 news photographer registered a skin temperature of 94 degrees. so with a poster board, a sharpie, and a colleague with a good sense of humor, we solicited your memorable hot weather stories. >> my wife would decide to go for the walk and about 400 meters and were in running shoes and that was the scariest feeling in my life. >> the bus that i usually catch home was not running, so i had to walk 2 miles and it was horrible. and my shoe broke. >> we went up into the mountains in the middle of
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summer and it wasn't all that far. we got caught in the middle of a snowstorm. >> our infrared thermometer registered 111.8 degrees and my hard working colleagues temperature had climbed to 105. >> this is not hot. i mean, it's hotter in texas than here. >> you see it could be worse. we could be in texas. now i'm told that the triple digit temperatures are the number one topic of discussion on our wusa9 facebook page. in fact, facebook fan says she is going to stay inside where there's air-conditioning and make smoothies. now coming up at 6:00, how hot is it? you'll hear some surprising answers that we heard here on the mall. reporting live, 9news now. >> that's right. in washington, we call this a hot day. thanks andrea. >> well it was a tense day in a falls church city courtroom where three little girls accused their friend's father
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of molesting them. it happened at michael gardener's home. details of what these little girls said. peggy. >> reporter: i tell you what, that courtroom, let me set the scene for you. on the one side were three sets of parents and the other side, the gardeners. robin gardener is michael gardener's wife. she's a city council member here and the former mayor. now the judge did find probable cause to send this case to the grand jury. anybody in that courtroom that heard those little girls are not surprised by that. >> what did you think about the little girls on the stand? >> mr. gardener doesn't have anything to say. >> michael gardener faced his accusers in the courtroom today. three little girls all friends of his own ten-year-old girl. mr. gardener molested them while they were at his
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daughter's sleepover. a nine-year-old girl said, quote, that night i woke up to the sound of somebody opening my sleeping bag. he opened my sleeping bag and touched my girl parts. he said he went and unzipped another girl's sleeping bag and she said he did more to her. the other girl, the first referred to told the court that mr. gardener touched her private parts four times. working his hand under her pajamas. she appeared clear about details. the other alleged incident, which involved a third girl also happened at the gardener home, but two nights before the slumber party on june 16. this ten-year-old was spending the night with gardener's daughter. there was a thunderstorm and she said gardener's daughter called her into the room. he wound up lying next to her and he touched me inappropriately on my chest, stomach, and vagina. he asked if it felt good and i said no. he did more and went away. the judge denied gardener's request to allow him to see his
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own children. >> are you upset you won't be able to see your children? >> that might be one of the dumbest questions i've heard in a long time. >> mr. green also said that the prosecutor's statement was outrageous for saying that mrs. gardener had not cooperated with falls church city police by not allowing them to interview her twin children. now in the courtroom today, a gripping moment when greenspun asked the girls to let him know how long the incidents happened. how long did this molestation happen? how long did he touch you? i'm going to time you and the girls had to sit there and think about what had happened to them while peter greenspun timed then. it was 19 seconds of dead silence for the first one. 24 seconds of dead silence for the second one. all the while everybody thinking what that poor child is having to remember as greenspun times her to figure
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out how long these events took place. very, very disturbing day in the falls church city courtroom today. back to you anita. >> again, it's hard to hear these allegations, peggy, thank you very much. tonight lawmakers are considering a curfew for teens. a proposal for county executive would bar anyone under 18 from being on the streets after 11:00 p.m. on weekdays. curfew would be extended to midnight. the county council unanimously passed a regulation today banning smoking in common areas of multiple family homes. an amendment outlaws lighting up. a woman convicted of killing two men while driving under the influence was sentenced to 20 years behind bars. 32-year-old jenny could be 52 by the time she gets out. kristin fisher caught up with the victim's families outside prince georges county court minutes after the sentencing. ingly was elated about the
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sentencing. >> families say is the closure they've been waiting for, just 15 months ago the two men were standing on the side of this road after a minor fender bender when jenny mate him them going 60 miles per hour, killing both eninstantly. her blood alcohol was almost twice the legal limit. even worse, she already had two previous dui convictions. in fact, her license was suspended. >> i understand that everybody makes mistakes and they need another chance, but they made too many mistakes and she needs to understand that she took two people's lives away. >> maximum sentence was 21 years. she got 20. this is a very severe sentence. at the very earliest, she could be getting out in 10 to 12 years. >> don't drink and drive in prince georges county. you will get caught.
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you will get prosecuted and you will go to prison. >> in court, moments before she was sentenced, madoff issued an apology saying quote, words cannot express the sorrow that i feel. >> my family doesn't make sense and i know she tried to apologize and we accept her apology. >> we are quick to point out while they have to go to a grave site. >> i love her so much. i'll never forget him. >> in prince georges county, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> 9news now trying to speak with the attorney, both declined to comment. >> the medal of honor. it's a reward so courageous that oftentimes the nation's highest military reward is given. but not today. army sergeant leroy was at the white house to get his medal of honor. derek is here. >> the medal of honor is given
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to soldiers when every human instinct would say you have done far than enough. came in a remote part of afghanistan. a bullet went through both his legs. instead of ducking for cover, he lunges for that grenade and hurls it back. but as he did so, it detonated. the sergeant sacrificed his right hand to save the lives of eight of his comrades and president obama told the story as he presented that medal. >> i had never seen someone hurt so bad. his soldiers were amazed at what leroy did next. despite his wounds, he remains calm. he put on his own turnakit and continued to leave, giving orders. even telling the medics how to treat his wounds. >> to be singled out is very
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humbling. i consider every one of our men and women in uniform serving here, abroad to be our heros. all uniformed services. >> you know, these brave souls say the same thing, don't they? i was just doing my job. the medal says it differently. it says for bravery above and beyond the call of duty and by the way, the sergeant is the only, or is only the second living service member from afghanistan to earn this medal. anita. >> wow. derek, thank you. a three alarm fire caused a lot of damage today. this is in baltimore county. sky 9 captured firefighters battling the flames. 13 townhouses left with extensive damage when it was all over. more than 25 pieces of fire fighting equipment were called to this scene. a volunteer firefighter had to be treated for heat exhaustion. investigators looking for the cause of the fire. it is a much smoother
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commute on i-270 tonight. views from a gas leak forced the highway to be shut down for five hours yesterday. crews continue to make repairs on that broken 8-inch main today and still delays in the area. investigators say contractors with washington gas caused the break. coming up, the first lady who completely changed the way we talk about breast cancer and about addiction is being remembered. where betty ford's funeral is taking place today. and she'll sit down and her colleagues want her out, but she isn't going away for now. we're talking about leslie johnson. her last couple of weeks on the job. we'll have details coming up.
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back on the job. prince georges county councilwoman, leslie johnson reported back to the council today, but is her mere presence getting in the way of council business? delia joins us now with more on today's hearings. this strikes people as a little odd. >> absolutely. i think even those on the council themselves, on the council -- they find it odd as well. she maintains that she will still sit on that seat until she steps down at the end of the month. we all know now that leslie johnson is a convicted felon
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facing jail time, 18 months in fact behind bars. yet she is still working on behalf of her constituents, but many of those folks say in order to move on, it's time for her to go. >> miss johnson. >> though many of her votes were a whisper, councilwoman leslie johnson appeared to be engaged, but her appearance was nothing more than awkward. >> as you heard earlier, the council as a whole asked for miss johnson to step down and tend to her resignation. >> we followed mrs. johnson into a back room before she walked away. council chair, ingrid turner. > continues to attend a session. we look to the legislators at the state to figure out how we both can work together to close this gap. >> so in the meantime, the council tries to get on with the business of moving the county forward, appointing a new fire chief and head of the
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housing department. >> try to restore credibility and meet with people to let them know this is a new day. >> the council asked for an audit because we had some problems in there. >> namely the scandal surrounding the johnsons, former county executive pled guilty to accepting money from developers, his wife pled guilty to trying to hide some of that money from the feds. >> and recruitment plan. >> she went through the motions claiming to work on behalf of the residents of district six who are hoping they can move forward, too. >> my constituents and i look forward to the imprelimmation of that plan. >> johnson will be sentenced in october. her last day on the council is july 31 and leslie, i talked to the council chair who said they are going to come back during their normal summer recess, have a special session august 2 and that will allow them to get the ball rolling on that
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special election to replace johnson. >> this has to make for some raser interesting exchanges among leslie johnson and her colleagues on the council. so you're not getting a sense today that she may rethink her decision and leave before the 31st? >> the council chair herself said if leslie johnson maintains that she is going to stay here until the 31st, i don't know if it's wishful thinking on their part because they do want her to go, however, she is sticking to her plan and as far as just communication. there is none. it's quite obvious in the hearing. >> but they don't want her there. >> right. >> anita. >> funeral services are being held for betty ford. a live picture from inside st. margaret's church in california where family friends, and a
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host of dignitaries are saying good-bye to the former first lady. karen brown, can you set the scene for us there? obviously a solemn and beautiful memorial service. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of folks don't talk about. most former first ladies are charged with that task of sort of putting together their funeral and she started this about six years ago. go ahead and take a look inside the church. there will be three main speakers. roberts will be talking about a time in politics when people were friends, when there was bipartisan, more than there is now. in the front row has sitting democrats and republicans alike. michelle obama. you have former president george w. bush along with former first lady, nancy reagan, carter. everybody coming together to honor this woman who had such an effect on american society
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as hillary clinton said is hard to understand for this new generation that there was a time in this country when you didn't talk about breast cancer and you didn't talk about addiction and betty ford really did that. as well as her other passion of politics. so really, everybody coming together today to celebrate a life that has has an effect on so many. anita. >> again, i understand she's going to be eulogized by someone from the betty ford center, a former board member. really, that whole center and the spotlight she put on addiction is a lasting legacy. >> yeah, absolutely, anita. she said i'm addicted to alcohol and painkillers and she
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went into treatment and after that treatment, she started the betty ford clinic here in the palm springs area and it has treated nearly 100,000 people for addiction and really become a model for these types of centers all over the country. so really, having just such a huge effect on american society today, there is going to be a second funeral on thursday in grand rapids, michigan. after that, she will be buried next to her husband on the day that would have been his 98th birthday. everyone that knew the fords say truly, theirs was a real love affair. they were both the love of each other's lives. so really, quite a day here today, anita. >> thank you for bringing that from the funeral services in california. back here at home, we have video of the new felines. the five baby cheetahs in front
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royal, virginia, back in may. they are the only litter ofcheetah cubs born this year. some of them are dark, others look like the father. we put a link to this video and more pictures. all on our website, lesli and topper, not wishing i was out there with you two. >> clearly the flowers out here are hydrated, but one of is is wilting. can we move this along? >> we need the slurpies. >> that was so yesterday. >> let's talk about temperatures. it is hot. we do have a breeze and we do actually have the breeze keeping the humidity in check. the heat advisory was canceled. temperatures in the 90s. 97 at national. otherwise reading 94. but 90 up in gaithersburg. now if you factor in the humidity, notice the temperatures don't jump that much. jump a little bit. some moisture in the air, but really not crazy.
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feels like it's 98 downtown. it's 95 in gaithersburg. well below the heat advisory criteria. we didn't come close to making that. down to the south, they did maintain the heat advisory. much quieter tonight than it was last night. we'll kind of zoom in. you can see showers and thunderstorms through parts of the midwest. we had a cold front that will fly south of us tomorrow. it will live up to its name. it will be colder or cooler behind the front as we get into thursday. let's talk about headlines. hot through tomorrow. one more day. isolated thunderstorms tonight. i'm about to pull the plug on that. sunshine tomorrow morning, still hot wednesday. and some storms wednesday afternoon and some of those could be hefty with a cold front that sags down to the south. so for tonight, a clear to partly cloudy and muggy. for now we'll heat the chance
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of an isolated storm in. winds northwest at 10. you're inside the beltway, a little muggy. 77 for a low downtown. 78 in arlington. maybe 74 in rockville and gaithersburg and also in fairfax and reston. now tomorrow morning, plenty of sunshine. very warm 70s and 80s. air quality goes to code yellow which is moderate. by afternoon, partly cloudy. not quite as hot. some thunderstorms are possible. those that develop could be heavy or severe. highs 90 to 95. next seven days, really just spectacular on thursday. that's the sparkler. less humid, 87. we get a southeast flow, so some moisture comes back. thunderstorms are possible friday, especially on saturday. better chance on monday and tuesday and creeping back in the low 90s next week. it is tuesday. best shot day. i think it was tuesday. the heat is getting to me.
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this is cool. >> i like his name. kenny shay. >> and he is harvesting wheat in inwood, west virginia, in the panhandle. there are farmers around here and farmers that help us eat and kenny, nice job. that by the way is air- conditioned. if you want to send us your picture, go to our website and click on weather and please include your name, location, and a description. >> thank you kenny. up next, it almost happens again, danger that nearly goes over a stadium railing trying to catch a baseball.
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we have breaking news coming from metro right now sky 9 is sending back these live pictures between the silver spring and takoma station. metro is single tracking in this area because of a heat cink discovered in the track between the two stations. now this heat cink, which is how metro is describing a problem is caused when a metal rail expands in extreme heat like today. and we are told that this
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happens at times to all railroads. the railroad is experiencing 15 to 20 minute delays in both directions. we'll keep you posted and bring you updates as they come in. >> the last shuttle space walk of the nasa era took place today. atlantis astronauts are on a mission to retrieve a broken ammonia pump. nasa wants to take a look to see why it failed last summer. four astronauts are on board atlantis. this 13 day flight is the very last for the space shuttle program. more danger at the ballpark getting a lot of talk on our wusa facebook page today. look at the top of your screen. a fan narrowly escapes injury after he lost his balance. he was trying to catch a baseball in phoenix. fortunately he was grabbed by his brother and pulled up by his feet. this incident happened the same day a texas ranger fan was
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layed to rest. he lost his life while trying to catch a baseball. coming up next new at 5:30. >> i never thought that i would have this experience, actually. i never thought i would get married. >> a military bride finds the dress of her dreams and wait until you find out just how much she had to pay.
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neither side is giving an inch when it comes to a deal when it comes to the debt ceiling. >> cbs news anchor scott pele. the president said that tens of billions of dollars in social security payments as well as veteran and disability payments could be in jeopardy if congress does not act. >> i cannot guarantee that those checks go out on august 3 if we haven't resolved this issue, because there may simply not be the money to do it. >> lawmakers are trying to come up with $2 trillion in spending cuts, democrats want to close tax loopholes, but republicans cannot support tax hikes. senate minority leader is working on a con tin generality plan, but the president said he will not sign off on any short- term deal. joining us now with more on his exclusive interview with president obama is scott pele. scott, are you there? >> i'm with you, lesli, yes. great to be with you in
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washington. >> after something the president said in your interview today, he made headlines across the country about a big statement regarding those social security checks. >> well, it was a remarkable thing to see actually. the president of the united states, any president of the united states saying that he cannot guarantee the 27 million social security checks that are due to be mailed out on august 3. august 3, of course, as you know, is the day after the government says that it will go into default on its debts and the president was explaning in the interview, unless a deal can be done with capitol hill with the republicans and democrats in that building behind me, then he will not be able to guarantee that they can send out those checks and other kinds of government checks, including pension checks and disability checks as well. so it's a remarkable thing that the united states has come to this point and just something on the order of three weeks
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away from that date. >> of course next week is the pivotal week because everyone has said next week is the week this deal has to be reached in order to get all of this done by august 2. you spoke with the president today where he pretty much said i can't guarantee if we pay any deal. does that sound like a real possibility? >> well, they aren't making any progress, that's for sure. mitch went out on the senate. the republican leader said that he didn't believe any deal could be done as long as president obama was president. and so that's an incredibly pessimistic thing to say. now at the same time, mcconnell and the rest of the house and senate, democratic and republican leadership are at the white house this afternoon meeting with the president again. the president says they are going to meet every single day until they get this deal done. >> all right scott, i guess we're going to have to wait for your interview on the cbs
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evening news at 6:30. your exclusive interview to hear the rest of it and we will be watching you coming up after 9news now at 6:00. thanks so much. >> thank you lesli, great to be with you. when you think about a wedding, you think about extravagance. many of them forgo a wedding entirely so they can get married before their husbands get deployed. >> as part of brides across america. this program, they are giving away 75 wedding gowns to military brides. lindsey mastis caught up with one of those brides to be. >> when you get to know megan sheppard, you understand how important this moment is. she is engaged to marine. >> stationed in hawaii. >> after a six month tour, he moved on to a base in hawaii, but travel to maryland for their wedding in may as long as
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the military sticks to their schedule. >> we'll have to maybe adjust a little bit around his schedule. >> this is the first time megan has ever tried on a wedding dress, even though she has been married to a military man before. >> we just went to the courthouse and i was just wearing a white shirt. >> it was ten years ago this month, they were 18, a year later their daughter was born. the next year, airman first na that nathaniel died. >> this august she's traveling to alaska to run a marathon. it's to support tragedy assistance program for survivors. >> it's an organization that saw my daughter and i through the loss we experienced. >> she's raising money for the organization as well. >> ryan, my fiance, on the
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website donated put $100 in and it said for nate. so it was really important to me. >> megan is sharing her story because she wants people to know that their donations make a difference. just look at her smile. >> it's really special and it is nice to know that if you need the support, whether it's financially, emotionally, physically, that there are people out there who are willing to offer that. >> in upper marlboro, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> there she goes. it would have cost her $1200. with the drive across america program, she got it free. events going on tomorrow at catour from 11:00 to 4:00 and we wish her the best. one of the jurors in the casey anthony case has left her job, packed her bags, and is now in hiding. cbs news reports juror number 12 is worried that her coworkers quote, want her head on a platter following the acquittal of casey anthony in
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the murder trial involving her daughter, caylee. that juror's name has not been released, but her husband says he's ready to leave town if and when his wife's name becomes public. there's word out of orlando that the state's attorney might file perjury charges against casey's mother, cindy anthony. a man charged with a pipe bombing in patomac is off tonight. those charges have been dropped. no one was at home at the time of the blast. at a hearing today, prosecutors did not say why. >> all right, let the goats do it. the goats have been called in to eliminate or eat the weeds and the evasive plants on the property of the isaac walton league. it's a conservation league and it's a way of clearing the land without using damaging chemicals. a company brings in a herd of
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the animals to eat the offending plants one acre at a time. invasive species are a huge problem and we are not immuned to that here. we have a lot of invasives and we are glad we can use a sustainable environmentally friendly cost effective way of trying to remove those invasive species from our property. >> they get to eat, we get to clear the weeds. ecogoats have successfully cleared land in st. mary city and anne arundel county and they have been used by the maryland state highway administration as well. >> they are welcome at my house. okay, up next, wikileaks founder returns to court and says the sex allegations against him are politically motivated. the sudden death of a high school coach leaves the campus in shock. i'll have that story. don't forget, we are always
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on at stay with us, we'll be right back.
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lawyers for julianna made another bid today to prevent his extradition to sweden. he is accused of attacking two wikileaks volunteers. he would be extradited to america where he would be prosecuted for leaking sensitive u.s. government documents. british lawmakers are calling on media mogul merdock
5:43 pm
to do some things. summoned to parliament to talk about the huge phone hacking scandal. the move comes after gordon brown said he too was a victim of hacking the newspaper. senior executives at mer dock's company said they will cooperate with the investigation. the manassas battlefield is offering visitors a new way to take a guided tour. there's a new app making its debut just in time for the 150th anniversary of the civil war's bull run battle. the guides visitors through the battleground. the reenactment of the first battle of manassas will be held july 23 and 24th. an extra special delivery whose hopes for having baby girl were bashed by a rare defect. : plus the power of the internet. a marine asks a hollywood actress to go -- if it were
5:44 pm
that easy. we are looking at hot temperatures. now we'll take you out with the pollen. not much of a break. grass is in the medium range and mold spores still also in the medium range. we'll talk about a cold front. see if it will change our air mass. >> protecting your child's identity. what you need to know now to guard their good name later.
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today we're talking about guarding your child's good name. their social security numbers and clean credit records are targeting for scammers and the federal trade commission is issuing a warning. it's time to do more to protect your child's financial future. >> you know how to keep your personal data like your social security number and date of birth safe. what about your child? it's a topic the federal trade commission and other consumer groups are tackling. steal bits and pieces of a child's identity to create
5:48 pm
synthetic id's. they take a social security number and attach a fake date of birth to make it seem legit to creditors. just as detrimental to a child's financial future. look for the biggest warning signs. >> phone calls, people looking for your child to make solicitations or potentially to collect debts. >> when signing your kids up for sports or activities, think twice about giving a social security number. it's often not even necessary. >> really think about what is this going to be used for? why am i being asked for this information? how is it going to be protected? and be sure you feel comfortable about the answer. >> and shred medical bills and other documents with your child's personal information just like your own. >> now identity theft 911 says parents should never carry around their child's social security card. it is easy to lose and the most
5:49 pm
common way that thieves get access to their personal data. also think twice about posting your children's pictures online. most digital cameras have geocoding features that embed the location information in the images and that gives id thieves access to information that they can use to steal a child's identity. for more on how to protect your child's identity, go to our website, mila has a date with a marine. the star of friends with again fits was promoting her new movie when she accepted this video invitation to the ball. >> this is dr. moore. i want to take a moment out of my day. the marine corps ball in north carolina with yours truly. so take a second to think about it and get back to me. >> get back to me. she will accompany sergeant scott moore to the november event in north carolina. moore posted the event on youtube last month asking the
5:50 pm
actress to be his date. so his name is charles, but you can call him top. call him topper. >> she is really interesting because she grew up in eastern europe and did not know any english and learned english watching our television shows. isn't that great? >> beyond the moon happy at this point. >> who wouldn't be? all right, we're looking at temperatures finally going down tomorrow and a real big change as we get into thursday. right now 94. high was 97. so no records today. 95 in manassas and only 91, i say only up in frederick. factor in the humidity, really doesn't do much to the temperatures. doesn't change it that much. 98 downtown. feels like 100 in manassas. didn't change frederick's temperature at all. it wasn't crazy humid today, which was a good thing. cold front is on the way. isolated storms tonight. sunny for your wednesday morning's commute. thunderstorms tomorrow evening
5:51 pm
and those that develop could be hefty. for tonight, clear to partly cloudy and muggy. we'll keep the chance of an isolated storm. low temperatures in the 70s. inside the beltway, mid to upper 70s. 78 in arlington. and 74 out toward fairfax. now tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, 70s and 80s and by afternoon, going to get hot again, not quite as hot. a better chance for showers and thunderstorms. those that develop could be hefty. all right next seven days. in the wake of the cold front, pretty nice. back to 87 on thursday and less humid. over the weekend, our chances for showers increase as we get into saturday. but notice temperatures stay below 90. some consolation there. isolated storm on friday. a better chance on saturday. isolated sunday and monday. a little better chance on tuesday and heat comes back next week. >> it sure does. thanks. >> what a sad story you're bringing us tonight. this is about a virginia community in mourning over a beloved high school coach. >> you forget how much high
5:52 pm
school and in particular high school football weaves into the fabric of a small community and this is a community that is totally in mourning tonight because of a loss of one of their own. steve trimable is his name and he succeeded at everything he ever did. in the cumberland area of maryland, some say he was the greatest high school athlete ever. he went on to star at maryland and then for the broncos and the bears in the nfl. after his playing days, trimable settled into coaching as the beloved football boss at bishop o'connell high school in arlington where today, shockingly at age 53, he died. dave owens with a community in shock and mourning. >> no one expected this. not his boss. >> a little bit of disbelief. >> not his team. >> i was in shock. >> not his family. >> he committed more to his faith in the last four years. >> steve had just completed a monday morning run on the track at bishop o'connell high school in arlington where he coached football for the past nine seasons and earned conference coach of the year in 2008.
5:53 pm
when he was finished, he returned to his office, collapsed, and died. >> it's going to be really tough. >> and now his family is waiting official word on exactly why. >> a heart attack. something along those lines. > which would surprise many. he was an all state tailback at the high school. then went on to the university of maryland where he was a three-time letter winning defensive back. he played in the nfl. in true trimable style, he never talked about his career. >> we never knew all of his accomplishments. >> humble about himself, but he didn't mind celebrating others. one of tremble's favorite stories involved his time as an assistant coach with the new york jets. that's when he met a future hall of famer who left a mark on him. >> tells the kids why ronnie was the greatest football player to play is because he is out there after practice. >> on campus today, signs paying tribute to the man who did more than win football
5:54 pm
games while at home, his wife wanted to remember academics that manifested in three of their four sons receiving commitments to westpoint. >> it was never a question whether or not they would go to school. where are they going to get an education and get a chance to play? >> 9sports now. >> three of his four sons went to west point. the fourth is going to virginia tech. trimable sent four players to nfl. dozens more to full scholarships at colleges and universities across the country. funeral arrangements are pending. we'll pass them on. >> what a special, special man. >> special man, special teacher and a horrible loss. >> absolutely. thanks. >> a baby undergoes lung surgery while partially inside her mother's womb. we'll have the story of this extra special delivery up next.
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in tonight's health alert, an extra special delivery for a couple in san antonio, texas. a rare birth defect almost dashed their hopes of having their little baby girl. as dr. jennifer ashton tells us, a complex surgery was able to save that infant's life. >> 19 weeks into her second pregnancy, samantha rodriguez received devastating news. during a routine ultrasound, doctors discovered a growing mass in her baby's lung. >> it would have been impossible for her to breathe. i was hysterical. they had to pull me out of the waiting room because people
5:58 pm
were staring at me. >> recommended a rare delivery option which operates on the baby while it is partially inside the mother's womb. >> the procedure is a specialized type of procedure at the time of cesarean section. the infant is actually delivered only to the level of the abdomen. this allows any type of surgery to be performed on the infant and actually allows them to secure the airway. even though it was at a bigger risk, we just had to gamble and take the chance. >> but we were terrified the entire time. >> on april 25, doctors removed the mass from the baby's left lung while she was still attached to her mother's placenta and cord, giving her oxygen and keeping her warm. after the five hour exit procedure, alehandra entered the world. >> she is our miracle baby. they expected her to be hospitalized for at least two
5:59 pm
months and she was out in 11 days. i mean that's a miracle. it just blew everybody's mind that she was just so strong and so willing to live. >> doctors say her body will continue to fill in the lung tissue that didn't grow during the pregnancy and she will be able to breathe and play like any other baby. >> when i see her sleeping and i see her sitting there and making cutest faces and smiling, it really just pulls on my heart strings and i'm so proud of her. i just love her so much. i don't know what we would do without her now. >> what a way to enter the world. less than 100 of these open fetal procedures are performed every year. this highly coordinated surgery involves a team of pediatric and adult experts ensuring child safety and making sure mom doesn't lose too much blood during the process. >>


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